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Electronics - broad spectrum


Our service for your project

Cutting-edge technologies, maximum convenience, and a broad range form the business sector of electrical engineering.

Here, we cover consulting, planning, constructing, commissioning and servicing of all different types and sizes of electrotechnical plants.

We are, of course, also pleased to be at your disposal for repair work, minor reconstruction tasks and in the customer service sector.

  • Power plants
  • Communications engineering
  • Electric heating technology
  • Building automation
  • Building control
  • Antenna technology
  • Intercom and letterbox systems
  • Energy management
  • Energy optimization
  • Systems for power consumption on site
  • Tests A3 of German Trade Association Provisions
  • Fire protection systems

Lighting Technology

Licht- effizient, sicher und komfortabel

Lighting design options are today more diverse than ever before.

Dynamic light management ensures that the illumination is adjusted to the individual requirements and simultaneously functions with maximum energy efficiency.

Efficient lamps as well as attractively designed, optimized lights and electronic operating units provide a high quality of lighting.

  • Light engineering (LED, low voltage, downlight)
  • Workplace and office lighting
  • Shop and showroom lighting
  • Hall and industrial lighting
  • Design lighting
  • Emergency and safety lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Facade lighting and illumination for advertising purposes
  • Light control
  • Stage lighting technology
  • Energy efficiency

Data Network Technology

Future-proof solutions for your present and future communication requirements

The optimum networking of your IT components forms the basis for trouble-free operations.

However, your network is always facing new challenges concerning safety and flexibility. Whether you need conventional networks or wireless connections – our team will design precisely the network that is appropriate for you.

  • Planning and implementation of networks
  • Active and passive network engineering
  • Data cabinets and racks
  • Data technology
  • WLAN technology
  • Optical fiber technology
  • Measurement and documentation of networks and fiber-optic networks

Communication Technology

Together now and in future

Make todays’ installation the basis for a future-oriented system.

Continuously changing requirements in your operating sequences require future-oriented planning for your communication.

  • Door and video technology
  • Communication technology
  • Biometric access control
  • Telephone systems
  • Light call systems
  • Building information technology
  • Cable and SAT systems
  • Emergency call systems
  • Electro-acoustic systems ELA)

(Bosch- installation partner)

Safety Technology

Safety is a matter of trust

Innovative solutions for the safety of buildings and real estate – from access control to safety management.

Make your property safe!

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm and burglar alarm technology
  • Video and monitoring technology
  • Door and barrier technology
  • Access systems
  • Time service technology
  • Safety guidance systems
  • Escape and emergency technology
  • Smoke detectors
  • Voice-based alarm systems
  • Electronic locking systems

logo bosch unternehmenWe are BOSCH installation partner.

Industrial Technology


The lynchpin of our automated world is modern and complex industrial technology.

We connect the technology in your company to the network according to your needs. A comprehensive service and the maintenance of your systems protect you against breakdown.

  • Connection of machines and systems
  • Wiring and network setup for the machines and systems
  • Switching stations/power distribution systems
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Plant service
  • Plant maintenance
  • Emergency power and battery systems

Building Automation

Your light switch becomes intelligent

Apart from safety and energy saving, a high degree of convenience is one of the main goals of building automation. If a building is equipped with an automation system, a wide range of possibilities will open up for the automatic control of processes on the premises.

  • EIB/KNX system technology
  • Brightness- and absence-controlled switching-on and off of the lighting
  • Heating control
  • Blinds and shutter control
  • Heating control
  • Control of ventilation and air condition systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Energy control for optimizing consumption